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Alternative Cancer Treatments Report:

FACT: In 2005, 72 Million People Sought Alternative Cancer Treatments Because…

All Their Doctors Could Say Was:
Maybe Five More Years?
(And that’s whether the cancer comes back — or not!)

Why? Because they know their ‘gold standard’ treatment — chemotherapy — is Highly Ineffective and Extremely Toxic!

YOU Deserve More Than a 5-Year Survival Rate! That’s Why In this Special Report YOU Can Discover How To:

  • Break FREE from Convention!
  • Avoid Cancer at all Costs!
  • Make Your Own Health CHOICES!
  • Win the Cancer Battle!
  • And RESTORE Your Health…

Starting With These Cancer-killing Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight:

Hiding in plain sight
  • The forbidden fruit extract that programs cancer cells to "self destruct…”
  • The powerful, natural "Pac-Man enzyme" that eats cancer cells alive
  • The African “extract” that blocks a hormone in men that triggers prostate cancer…
  • And much, much more!

Plus, The Truth Is Revealed About…

  • How Big Pharma is fast-tracking approval for “so-called” cures using biased reports for medicines that do more harm than good — so they can make bigger profits than the oil companies!
  • Why scientists agree: Mammograms do very little to protect women from cancer but keep them coming back for a harmful dose of radiation — year after year — despite safer and more accurate detection methods!
  • How Government-funded organizations go to great lengths to suppress studies for natural cancer therapies. Proof that money drives the cancer-treatment philosophy in America!
  • The cancer-fighting supplements, foods and diets your doctor won’t tell you about because he’s too busy getting kickbacks for writing prescriptions!
  • And so much more you need to know to make the best health choices possible!

Dear Friend,

Powerful cancer treatment and prevention alternatives are being suppressed every day — even though they could save countless lives.

Possibly worse is the fact that many of the most highly-regarded conventional cancer treatments pushed on desperate patients have dismal failure rates. And that information is being covered up — at your risk!

That’s why you’ve probably never heard that…

A Rigorous Review of Six Decades of Chemotherapy Produced Outcome Failure Rates of 90 Percent!

But they still tout it as their “gold-standard” treatment. But, by now, most of us know only two to four percent of cancers even respond well to chemotherapy.

If that’s not appalling — I don’t know what is!

So we dug into the research and uncovered some remarkably safe and effective alternatives.

Because this information was not widely available to the general public, we decided to write a new Special Medical Guide titled: Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis!

In this comprehensive guide, filled with many of today’s cutting-edge, natural cancer-fighting breakthroughs, you’ll discover…

  • How mega doses of a pennies-a-day vitamin obliterates cancer of the mouth, larynx and esophagus, but without the side effects of chemotherapy, page 19.
  • The most powerful biological therapy for stimulating your body ’s own cancer fighters and for preventing cancer from spreading, page 112.
  • How to use high temperature to all but eliminate cancer cells — without harming your healthy cells, page 70.
  • A safe and effective yeast extract cure for early stage lung cancer, page 85.
  • A special low dose chemotherapy breakthrough that many doctors don ’t know about yet. Combines insulin with 10-15 percent of the standard dose of chemotherapy to target cancer cells more effectively — and with fewer side effects, page 121.
  • PLUS… scores of other easy, natural alternatives so you can beat cancer — with little or no chemotherapy to make you sick, or big medical bills that will send you to the poor house!
Free giftOrder Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! and get two free gifts!

Better, effective natural health treatment options seem to be leaving conventional therapies in the dust! But that’s not all your doctor’s office may be lagging in…

Why Does Conventional Medicine Rely on Outdated Technology?

According to Dr. Devra Lee Davis, M.P.H., Ph.D., founding director of the world’s first Center for Environmental Oncology, “Mammography is one of the most oversold and understudied technologies in medical history. To continue to assert that mammography will save lives flies in the face of huge numbers of studies on the topic.”

And I couldn’t agree more! Please let me explain why…

The $4 billion-a-year mammogram industry urges women to rely on x-ray tests to protect their health. But what they don ’t tell you is…

Mammograms are really an unnecessary and even harmful treatment.

A study by researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark reviewed the benefits and negative effects of seven breast cancer screening programs on 500,000 women — and the results were shocking.

For every 2,000 women who received mammograms over a 10-year period, only one would have her life prolonged, but ten would be harmed.

That’s because mammograms can actually increase a woman ’s risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 3 percent per year by irradiating the breast cells and triggering breast cancer.

Just as shocking is that conventional medicine refuses to rely on other testing methods that have been proven more effective at catching breast cancer — and other cancers — in their earliest stages.

And not only are they more effective — they don’t cause cancer!

From the very first page of our comprehensive guide, you’ll find new ways to cancer — proof your life or be prepared to make healthier treatment choices, as you read about…

  • The ONLY screening test that can find breast cancer with uncanny accuracy — years before it would show up on a mammogram or by self-examination. It ’s backed by over 800 studies and proven on more than 300,000 women — yet most doctors don ’t recommend it, page 77.
  • Why women in Asian countries have up to 80 percent less risk of breast cancer than American women, page 79.
  • How ladies can reduce their risk of breast cancer by more than 2,000 percent — simply by adjusting the amount of time they wear their bra. Based on analysis of 4,600 women, page 82.

Just as important, you ’ll discover when conventional cancer therapies put your health at greater risk. For example…

  • Many doctors recommend a popular scanning test to diagnose cancer. But it delivers the equivalent of eight months of ambient radiation — making it extremely toxic, page 116.
  • Why a good prostate specific agent (PSA) blood test for men doesn ’t necessarily mean no prostate cancer — and why PSA is not always a good indicator of the health of your prostate, page 67.
  • Plus, many more unreported secrets on how to beat cancer and live cancer free, for life!
Free giftOrder Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! and get two free gifts!

You’ll find so much need-to-know information in this guide, you’ll wonder why the medical establishment EVER put so much faith in treatments, tests and drugs that just don’t really do the job! Medicine should be cut and dry, but…

It’s All Relative (Numbers).

If you search the Urban Dictionary for the meaning of the phrase above, you’ll find it means: Everything is quantifiable in terms of individual perception.

What does that have to do with cancer? Everything…

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, doctors may recommend the drug Tamoxifen. You ’ll likely hear that it reduces the chances of breast cancer recurring by an impressive 49 percent — based on “relative” numbers.

But the truth is, based on absolute numbers, Tamoxifen reduces the risk of breast cancer returning by 1.6 percent — 30 times less than advertised.

The big drug companies love relative numbers. Relative numbers can be manipulated in many ways.

And Big Pharma has a way of making sure they are manipulated in a way that makes for a fat bottom-line profit — regardless of how ineffective the medicine truly is!

The general public is truly at the mercy of those providing the “facts” and figures. But once you know the truth — it’s hard to ignore, just like this…

You may have heard through the major media that by treating early stage breast cancer, there ’s a 91 percent cure rate over five years. NONSENSE!

You can get the same cure rate by doing nothing, as breast cancer is a very slow growing cancer.

My point is: Don ’t be fooled by "relative" numbers. Get the real facts like this one…

14-year study by two oncologists in Australia reported in the film "A Shocking Look at Cancer Studies" that treatment for all of our major cancers is totally ineffective — way below a 10 percent success rate.

But in Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis, you ’ll discover secrets that work far better, such as…

  • "Incurable" diseases — even cancer — reversed with German medical doctor ’s famous whole foods secret. Taught in 500 European hospitals and featured in 200 scientific papers, page 145.
  • The grape seed extract that programs cancer cells to "self destruct." Proven in laboratory tests and clinical reports, page 132.
  • Attention smokers: Two chemicals found in this delicious drink turn off the key molecule tobacco relies on to cause cancer, report scientists at University of Rochester, page 131.
  • Remove cancer-causing acids from your body with a simple breathing exercise. Ten minutes, twice a day, page 125.
  • Discover how tumors were slowed, even reversed, in 93 percent of cases with a simple "sunlight" cure. Amazing results, page 154.
  • PLUS… many more little-known natural remedies and cures for cancer.
Free giftOrder Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! and get two free gifts!

With this kind of information staring them in the face, why do doctors refuse to believe there are better alternatives?

Because Cancer Is a $200 Billion a Year Business!

It’s the ugly truth: There is money to be made in cancer. In fact, drug companies pay oncologists to promote high-priced but ineffective cancer drugs.

doctor kickbacks

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, as much as 75 percent of the average oncologist’s earnings come from selling chemotherapy drugs in his or her office. And at a substantial mark-up!

Americans pay the highest amount for prescription drugs in the world. Big Pharma will say it ’s due to research and development. But the U.S. drug industry spent over $33.5 billion in promotional costs last year.

A former drug rep from Eli Lily testified before Congress saying, "Pharmaceutical companies hire former cheerleaders and ex-models to wine and dine doctors, exaggerate drug benefits and underplay side effects."

Worse, they pay oncologists kickbacks to push their drugs.

For example, AstraZeneca, Inc. had to pay $280 million in civil penalties and $63 million in criminal penalties to the federal government because it paid kickbacks to doctors for promoting its prostate cancer drug.

But in our new Special Medical Guide, Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis, you ’ll read all about non-drug treatments for cancer that work wonders, including…

  • How to skyrocket your body ’s own natural cancer fighters — with massage therapy, page 152.
  • The liquid "cleanse" on page 135 makes cancer cells hungry. Then feed them the cancer-fighting phytochemicals found in this fruit.
  • The African secret to no prostate cancer. The extract from this evergreen tree blocks a hormone in men that triggers this killer, page 70.
  • Thousands of cancer patients report tumors gradually shrink after they eat a combination of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Recipe, page 141.
  • Lung cancer is the #1 killer in America. But the substance of this fruit is the only breakthrough that shrinks lung cancer cells and blocks their spread, page 97.
  • Brain tumors shrink by more than 40 percent with this amino acid cure, page 121.
  • Plus dozens more new, natural cures for cancer you ’ve never heard before.
Free giftOrder Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! and get two free gifts!

Doctors aren’t the only ones under the control of these ruthless pharmaceutical companies. Their power extends to our very own government…

The Federal Trade Commission is Censoring Your Health Choices!

The harassment of doctors using natural therapies to treat cancers has been going on for more than 50 years in America.

Any doctor treating malignant tumors with detoxification, immune stimulation, nutrient, herb and juice fasting secrets from Europe, Tibet, China and India was labeled a quack — and even threatened with losing their license to continue treating cancer patients.

Point: If you want to treat cancer in America, you better do as the Federal Trade Commission says!

And that means ignoring mountains of clinical research, scientific findings and case studies that reveal:

doctor handcuffed

Cancer patients are slowing down, reversing and even eliminating the disease from their bodies using natural means!

Take the case of William Kelly, DDS. Dr. Kelly discovered a natural enzyme therapy that, combined with strict nutrition and a detoxification regime, "digested" pancreatic cancer cells (see page 90).

This therapy achieved nearly a 90 percent, five-year survival rate for close to 33,000 patients — even though pancreatic cancer is by far the most rapid and deadly cancer.

What did the government do when they heard about Dr. Kelly ’s amazing discovery? They threw him in jail!

According to the FTC, "Anyone mentioning a cure for cancer is automatically a quack, regardless of science backing their position." By their own admission, they state that any mention of a cancer "cure" is by itself fraudulent.

And anyone using the word "cure" on a website to promote a product is instantly presumed to be guilty of criminal acts. That’s blatant censorship!

But we won ’t hold anything back from you. In this new Special Medical Guide, Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis, you ’ll discover…

  • The natural anti-cancer vitamin found in over 800 plants. Produces a cancer-killing ingredient that works even when conventional treatments fail. Incredibly enough, it ’s so cost-effective the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has banned it from the U.S. But I ’ll show you how you can legally order it from overseas on page 131.
  • Imagine a natural compound with so much antioxidant power that it reduced the mass of HALF of 60 tumors by 80 percent or more. You ’d think a story this big would be headline news, yet the National Cancer Institute claims it "lacks substantial anti-cancer activity." Sheeesh! Page 158.
  • The China Study — the most comprehensive study of nutrition — reveals the simple secret to reducing your risk of breast, prostate or colon cancer to next to nothing, page 144.
  • The herb from Peruvian rainforests that ’s been proven to be laden with high anti-cancer, anti-tumor effects — only to be thrown under the bus by traditional medicine, page 130.
  • Worried about a cell mutation? Try a tasty sip of the best-rated juice source of anti-cancer antioxidants, page 88.
  • And many more censored cancer cures you can ’t get anywhere else!
Free giftOrder Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! and get two free gifts!

The Sheer Amount of Life-saving Information You’ll Find in This ONE Guide is Incomparable!

I ’m talking about specific cancer-fighting supplements, foods and diets… tips on cleansing and juicing to reduce your cancer risk… and more natural cancer remedies at your fingertips than you could find in hours of research — IF you had that kind of access!

Just look at what you’ll get…

  • A treasury of LIFESAVING information that even if your doctor knew about — he’s forbidden to share with you!
  • A guide that provides uncensored information so YOU can choose what’s best for your health!
  • A compendium of natural cancer-fighting resources to help you AVOID cancer at all costs!
  • An exposé that reveals the Big Business of Cancer in America!
  • But most importantlyalternatives that give you a fighting chance for…

Surviving Cancer!

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis!

A “treasury” is a fitting description of our new Special Medical Guide because it gives you virtually ALL the information you need to cancer-proof your body and to take the best course of action should you or a loved one ever get cancer.

You can’t put a price tag on your life or the life of a loved one. But this is certain…

The unprecedented wealth of information you ’ll find here is virtually priceless for protecting your health and well-being for years to come!

You’ll discover…

  • The unreported risk of chemotherapy drugs. They may kill cancer cells, but did you know they can also kill healthy cells in your mouth and digestive tract, making eating difficult? Page 57.
  • Slash virtually ALL your risk of getting gastrointestinal (GI) cancer by eating these specific super foods. Based on 30,000-person study in U.S. and Norway, page 21.
Cancer ribbons
  • The cutting-edge breakthrough that uses precise radiation beams to hit hard-to-reach tumors, page 112.
  • The hidden causes of cancer your doctor WON ’T tell you about, page 17.
  • Special alert for women: Breast and cervical cancer have been shown to be directly linked to… too much of this emotion! Page 19.
  • Harvard University confirms 23 studies showing that eating too much of these popular breakfast foods is one of the most consistent predictors of prostate cancer, page 22.
  • Why colon cancer is almost non-existent in some countries, page 23.
  • The previously unreported cause of 40 percent of U.S. cancer deaths (HINT: it ’s NOT cancer). See page 139.
  • How cancer patients survive years and years longer… simply by releasing pent-up anger. Surprising findings, page 20.
  • The sex drive killer that Viagra® can ’t help. Why radiation therapy for prostate cancer may kill cancer cells AND your sex drive. Better alternatives on page 69.
  • Cleanse your lymphatic system of cancer-causing substances with a brush? Yes! Instructions, page 126.
  • If medical terms confound you — they won’t anymore! Page 53.
  • PLUS… much, much more on cancer-proofing your body and living cancer-free for life!

Cancer-Proof Your Life today! Get Two FREE Gifts and Special Introductory Pricing!

There’s no better time than right now to take the first step to cancer-proofing your life! But I know it’s easy to put off until tomorrow even the things that we know are important!

Well, let this be your wake-up call: Cancer accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths!

And according to the American Cancer Society there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the U.S. this year alone.

Is that a risk you’re willing to take with the current medical system that can’t see beyond cutting, burning, radiating, and dousing your body with harsh chemical cocktails? I hope not…

Especially when you can get this new Surviving Cancer guide, plus two FREE gifts, all for only $19.95 today! That’s half off the cover price!

Free giftOrder Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! and get two free gifts!

When you order today, your package will arrive with something extra. We could have included a hundred more pages in this Surviving Cancer guide, but my publisher would not have been happy.

That’s why we developed two special reports to send along with this special medical guide, Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosisand they are yours FREE when you order today, starting with…

FREE Report: ating for Healthy Alkaline Balance

FREE Bonus Report #1: Eating for Healthy Alkaline Balance (A $19.95 value!). It ’s a scientific and medical fact… acidity in the body creates the perfect environment for disease to flourish!

In this FREE report, you ’ll discover…

  • The risk of a typical Western diet — why the foods most people eat zap energy, trigger premature aging and invite disease…
  • Suffering from headaches, illness, colds, allergies and viruses? What your body is trying to tell you…
  • Warning: 126 acid-forming foods, including some categorized as "health" foods…
  • Natural breakthrough: 130 alkaline-forming foods that ’ll supercharge your health and longevity…
  • The perfect diet — no expensive food plans, no impossible-to-keep regimen — and you lose weight and gain health in no time flat…
  • How to make sure you see a huge improvement in your health — safely, easily and affordably…
  • And many more little-known secrets for reducing acid levels!

FREE Report: The Juice Solution for Healthy Living

FREE Bonus Report #2: The Juice Solution for Healthy Living (A $19.95 value!). Juicing is popular for a valid reason: It turbocharges the healing power of nutrients!

In this special FREE report, you’ll learn…

  • Experts agree: you must eat less of this one food if you want to avoid cancer and heart disease…
  • The amazing health-promoting ingredient you can only find in fruits and vegetables shown to reduce risk of chronic disease…
  • Why you shouldn’t prepare vegetables the way your mother did…
  • How to get up to 92% more vitamins, minerals and nutrients daily…
  • The kind of broccoli shown to detox carcinogens and other toxic health-saboteurs from your body…
  • How to get the most of this vitamin linked to killing cancer cells…
  • And much, much more!

Click HERE to get these FREE reports and your SURVIVING CANCER Guide today!

Surviving Cancer - eReader compatible

Your new Surviving Cancer guide, plus the two FREE reports detailed above are valued at $79.85. But you’ll save 75 percent of the total value when you order today for only $19.95!

And just so you don’t have to wait for your package to arrive in the mail to begin reading the life-saving information you’ll find in this book and two FREE reports…

I want to email you FREE copies suitable for viewing on your computer or e-Reader immediately! It’s just that important to us that you begin cancer-proofing your life right away.

That means you’ll receive your printed book and reports in the mail PLUS e-books sent to your inbox of:

  • Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis!, a $39.95 value!
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  • The Juice Solution for Healthy Living, a $19.95 value!

That is a $79.85 value! All for only $19.95, plus $8.95 shipping and handling!

Plus, when you order today, you’ll be protected by…

Our Lifetime, Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. You Must Be Thrilled With the Information You Receive or You ’ll Get All Your Money Back. There ’s Absolutely No Risk and Nothing to Return.

I only ask that you read this Surviving Cancer guide end to end. Then, if you are in any way dissatisfied, let us know — and you ’ll promptly receive a FULL REFUND. This is a LIFETIME money-back guarantee, not a pro-rated one. Plus, you don ’t even have to return the digital book or hard copy. What could be more fair than that?

Before you move on with your day, let me share one more important fact. And remember — facts are not meant to scare, but to empower you…

Virtually every person has cancer cells in his or her body. But what you do, starting today, can make the difference IF those cancer cells remain dormant or if they ’re triggered.

Remember, as a patient or a health-minded person just trying to avoid the worst — you deserve to be well-informed about your own body’s cancer fighting capability, the multitude of natural and other health-building methods used with increasing success and the power of the human mind and spirit in fighting and avoiding this disease.

Order Surviving Cancer Today!

Yours for cancer-free living,

Margaret Cantwell signature

Margaret Cantwell
Managing Editor, Easy Health Options®

P.S. Your health is too important to put off for another day — and those who love you will tell you the same. Cancer touches us all in one way or another and I can think of no better gift to yourself or someone you love than to cancer-proof your life. Get started today!

P.P.S. Special Bonus Report Just Added! Order today, Wednesday, February 1, 2023, and you’ll also receive A Directory of Medical Doctors who Practice Natural Medicine in Your Area, a $19.95 value, absolutely FREE! This special report contains the names and contact information of doctors across the United States who specialize in alternative and complimentary therapies for treating cancer — and other illness.

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Surviving Cancer - eReader compatible

Surviving Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Causes, Treatments and Big Business Behind Medicine’s Most Frightening Diagnosis! (a $39.95 value)

FREE Report: Eating for Healthy Alkaline Balance

Eating for Healthy Alkaline Balance (a $19.95 value)

FREE Report: The Juice Solution for Healthy Living

The Juice Solution for Healthy Living (a $19.95 value)

FREE Report: A Directory of Medical Doctors who Practice Natural Medicine in Your Area

A Directory of Medical Doctors who Practice Natural Medicine in Your Area (a $19.95 value)

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